… in continuation of untold story of Agricultural Transformation of Borno state

By Habu Kale Tijjani And El Lawan Mustapha
n a follow up visit in order to get an update of the progress made since my last visit to the Ngrimari field, behind the College of Agriculture Borno state, we’re once again amazed by the level of commitment and zeal of Governor Kashim Shettima to transform the agricultural sector of Borno state. The project coupled with president Buharis Agricultural agenda, I’m sure very soon Borno will claim the spot of Food Basket of the Nation. The world class Agricultural facilities consist of; Green-House, Net-House, Meteorological station, Boomer Fatilizer distribution system, farm implement production factory and a 5000 Square Kilometers of land that is flushing green with growing different varieties of plants. On the other hand, a wide range of Agricultural Mechanised equipment that will surely make anyone gasp with surprise. I believe the number of Tractors that lay there, when the Insurgency is completely crushed, if every local government would be given 10, there will still be more left. There are also Combined harvesters, Ground Nut planter/digger, Vegetables planters, Fatilizer sprayers and many more. Governor Kashim Shettima’s plan is to put in place a world class agricultural facility that will shoulder the food, agricultural research and economic growth of Borno state and northeast in general. To ensure the sustainability aspect of this project, Governor Shettima plans to install a Solar Plant that will generate 40 Megawatts per year in Njimtilo Axis to support the project with sustainable Energy. A Tomato paste proccesing plant that will produce 120 Tone Per day is right almost completed at the new Njimtilo Industrial park. To our further amazement, we found out that According to our guide Engr Abatcha Jarawa, the Green House which is only a unit out of chain of programs, is now operating in full capacity and , it is now producing six million seedlings of different varieties in every fortnight. It is a multi disciplinery regulated project that consists of Civil Engineering, Electrical, mechanical, and particle physics. The facility now serving many institutions for research and feeding many farms and small scale farmers with improved and handy seedlings. Our guide took us round to so many farm Lands that extends to hundreds of hectares that people now farm and make a living on. The seedlings grown standard temperature, humidity regulated condition are later exposed to 70% solar radiation that is secondary hardening, where they acclamtise and adopt to the ambiance temperature, on order to prevent them from shock of hash temperature. That will be ready to transplant. Among the seedlings raised in this facility includes: Tomatoes, Water Melon, Cabbage, Lettuce, Pepper, Egg Plants, Colliflowers,Cocumber,Onions, Dicon Radish, Sorrel and Okra. The whole system is a project designed and inherited from JAIN Irrigation System designed with 30 years of Meteorological Data of Borno state through the careful research and input of Engr Ibrahim Ali. I‘m sure that with such a facility in the state, with the commitment of our Governor, I believe that Borno is not only going to be the Agricultural Giant in the country, but the food Basket of the nation. These faticilities shall surely provide the best avenue for both our Institutions of higher learning and private companies in the country to harnessing and transform the Agricultural potentials of our dear state and Nation at large.