Dear friends:

I’d like to introduce you to the North East Intellectual Entrepreneurship Fellowship, (NEIEF) @Neieffellows a flagship youth led program driven by young Nigerian – mainly from the North East leading the conversation about their region.

NERI deputy chief of party Mr. John Onyeokwu

What we want from you:  They, the young people (mostly new to social media) from North Eastern Nigeria are starting an online conversation on countering violent extremism – essentially disseminating counter narrative messages about the region to help promote moderation and tolerance. More importantly, spreading the messages of peace about their region using the hashtag #NotAnotherNigerian to discourage widespread online terrorists campaign.

NEIEF fellows in an outdoor session : Photo Credit: Iniabisi Udosen
A NEIEF fellow responding to a question

The campaign has established the following social media presence ahead of tomorrow’s induction/inauguration in Yola, Adamawa State:




Violetta – US based STTI specialist and social Media facilitator

We invite you and your network to follow as much of the handles as position and join us as we support the #NotAnotherNigerian campaign.  As a Nigerian, I say #NotAnotherNigerian should be influenced into violent extremism.

NEIEF fellows smiling to the camera, Photo Credit: Iniabisi Udosen

The North East Intellectual Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program is an activity of the North East Regional Initiative (NERI), USAID/OTI Nigeria’s CVE program implemented by Creative Associates International.