​The call was made by the GOC 7th Div, Maiduguri during the 4th Peace Architecture Dialogue (PAD), Borno State organised by Search For Common Ground, yesterday Thursday 23, March 2017.

Representing the General Commanding Officer 7th Div, Civil-Military  Coordinator Colonel Bala, reiterated the NEED FOR GIVING INFORMATION to the military in its cause of fighting the insurgents. 

Hassan Zannah Boguma Left and Colonel Bala of 7th Div,Maiduguri

He also emphasized on the 500,000 naira reward on information that’s placed by the military as well as the the existence Human Rights Desk for everyone, at the 7th Div that is provided in order to tackle any human rights violations.

In his words, “If you don’t give information to save yourself, you deny the information to kill your self.” 

Since the military have won more than the 80% of the war, the civilians should contribute by giving INFORMATION in order to finish up the remaining 20%. 

Earlier on The chairman of the occasion, Alhaji Hassan Zannah Boguma, the Zannah Boguma of Borno, also expressed his happiness over the successes made so far. 

Prior to this period, cases of GVB, Drug Abuse etc was very prevalent in the metropolis, but thanks to the effort of the PAD, most of the problems are now checked.

But expressed dismay over the recent series of Suicide Bombings, refusal of the people to give out proper information and pushing the blame on the military.

Source: Habu Kale Tijjani Yajiwa