Call Rate is the amount in Kobo that network providers (Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN) charges its customer per second when they make a call. Call rates varies from one tariff plan to the other, and also from local to international calls.

Each mobile networks in Nigeria have their own tariff plans with different call rates for local and international calls. The aim and objective of this article is to present you with Etisalat, MTN, Glo and Airtel cheapest tariff plan(s) with affordable/lowest call rates in December 2016 & March 2017. All Nigerian network call plans.

The best tariff plan on MTN network is iPulse. It is formally Mtn pulse and it is their most advertised plan ever. Not only does it offers the lowest call rate, but also offer free and cheap mtn data plan.

The call rate on MTN Pulse is 11 K/S. You will be charge #12 per minute for the first 50 seconds of the day. This mean about 14 and half minutes of call for #100 Naira.

You also get 10MB and 20MB on every recharge of N100 and N200 respectively once every 7 days.

iPulse Tariff plan gives 1GB worth of data for just #500 naira while other MTN tariff plans gives 750 MB for the same amount.

To enjoy MTN cheap free night browsing that gives 500MB for just #25 naira, you must be on MTN Pulse.

Dial *406# to migrate to MTN iPulse cheap call tariff.
2.) Lowest Tariff Plan on Glo Nigeria, Features and Benefit 2016/2017.
Glo network’s cheapest call plan is Gbam Plus. It is also refer to as Glo 11k/s tariff. It offers the best call rate for all calls made to both local and international numbers. Check cheap Glo Data Plan.
You will be charged 20K/S to call US, UK, China, India and Canada. N10 for SMS.

You will be charged 11K/S to call all networks in Nigeria. #4 for SMS.

You will be charged daily access fee of N5. You will not be charge for days you do not make calls.

Dial *100*6*1# to Migrate to Glo Gbam Plus.
3.) Etisalat Lowest Tariff, Call Rate, Features and Benefit in 2016/2017.
Etisalat Easylife 4.0 limited edition is the best and cheapest tariff on Etisalat network.
It charges 11 K/S for all local networks. There is daily access fee of #5 on the first call of the day.

It charges 20 K/S for international calls to US, India, China, and UK.

You get 100% free bonus on every recharge.

To migrate to etisalat easylife, dial *420*1# or send 1 to 420 and dial *244*3# to confirm package.

Dial *232# to check balance.

4.) Airtel 2016/2017 Tariff Plans, Call Rate, Features and Benefit.
Airtel SmartTalk is the cheapest of all airtel tariff plans. Below are its benefits.
Airtel to airtel network calls attracts 11k/s rate while calls made from airtel to other networks like Glo, MTN and Etisalat attracts 15k/s call rate.

You will be charge a daily access fee of #5 on your first call. You will not be charge on days you don’t make calls.

Calls make to international numbers in USA, Canada, China, India and UK attracts a call rate of 20k/s.

SMS to international number is N15/SMS and N4 naira for local SMS.

Text YES to 315 or Dial *315# to migrate to smarttalk.
That’s all on Cheapest MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo Tariff plans and lowest call rates.
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