I must start by saying Glory be to Allah (SWT) for making it possible for both the Upper and Lower Chambers of the National Assemblies for taken a unanimous decision in passing the Bill for establishment of NEDC. We sow an illuminating light on the very first day the proposal was put in motion, and today it has came into fruition, through the collective efforts of all Nigerians.

However, we must shy away from acknowledging, the pioneering effort and vibrant performance of our own distinguished Senator. Mohammed Ali Ndume, who is also a Senate Majority Leader (APC Borno South), Senator. Abubakar Kyari (APC Borno North) Senator. Baba Kaka Garbai (APC Borno Central) and all distinguished senators from the North East region and other distinguished Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and all members of House of Representative, Committees, individuals, groups and indeed all the citizens of this country who supported the Bill to be realized deserved commendation from all of us.
Borno State which is the epicentre of the Boko Haram insurgency has in the last six years, suffered a great lost both in terms of human and material resources. Our people were displaced and become refugees in their own homes. We have experienced a traumatizing situations more than any other state in the North Eastern region and Nigeria as a whole. Despite our traumatizing and difficulties we were subjected to, we have never lost hope that one day, our situation will be changed. In that respect, we remained focused and determined in our prayers and support to our people. With the recent development in the north eastern part, the victories of our gallant soldiers against the most dreaded and animals in human forms called Boko Haram, remains a pointer to the fact that our collective prayers for peace has been answered. Apparently peace is emerging in Borno and the north east. The restoration of peace in Borno and indeed in all part of Nigeria remains a plus for growth and development of the region in particular and Nigeria.


Its therefore, sarcrosant to note that, nothing could be achieved in the absence of peace. The apparent collapse of the socio-economic activities in the north eastern part of Nigeria in the last six years had underscores the truism of the above. economy of the region has been paralysed, social structures were dismantled and destroyed, families were separated from their love ones, all as a result of mindlessness of Boko Haram imbroglio. It was and still is our collective efforts and resilience as Nigerians under one nation and ultimately the renewed vigour by President Muhammadu Buhari towards addressing the problem of insurgency and indeed the supports and solidarity, he enjoys from all Nigerians and neighbouring countries of Niger, Tchad,  Cameroon republics also helped in undermining the insurgency.
We must thank Allah for answering our prayers and solidarity we extended to all the security agencies, especially the armed forces of Nigeria, the CJTF, the vigilantee etc all had played an important role toward the process of re-establishment of peace in the North East Region.
The passage of the Bill (ACT) to establish the North East Development commission (NEDC)in to law, by both Senates and Reps will for long time to come remain an indelible in the minds and psyche of many of us. Therefore, we have every reason to be happy and celebrate this day of victory for the North East and of course victory of democracy and of Nigeria at large at large.please join me in celebrating such a gigantic achievement recorded by our representatives both in the upper and the lower chambers of the National Assembly.
May the fund which could be put for rebuilding the states be judiciously used for the purpose intended

By – Umar Sanda Mohammed

Educationists and political scientists