– Directs payment of two months salaries
– Saves about 1 Billion Naira monthly, discover 5,000 ghost workers

Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno state

“Our salary stands at 2.7 Billion Naira as of January but when we started the verification it plummeted to 2.4 Billion Naira. The government made a outright saving of 300 Million Naira.

We constituted a verification committee and has duly concluded the assignment and physically verified 19,763 staffs as against over 25,000 staff submitted by the nominal role of MDAs.

The state government has engaged a consultancy firm and as of today 11,397 staffs have been captured and cleared as the bonafide employees of the Borno state government, therefore, they are eligible to be paid their monthly salaries.

There are about 7,392 who are yet to be captured out of which over 4000 have issues to sort out with their banks on BVN.

There are also about 3000 of them including those who did not comply with the guidelines of completing the forms, including irregular employment, illegal employments, mutilation of documents, over stay in service and other sundry concerns.

However, I have already directed the committee to ensure that all such issues are resolved within one week to enable all those who are eligible to collect their salaries to do so. After all, all those who have issues to sort out have already been notified through the MDAs.

The verification exercise is justifiable, the salary bill of the Borno state government of the total number of 11,397 already screened and captured stands today at N1, 129, 320, 956.00 that is N 2, 258, 641, 912.00 for the two months.

I have directed the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planning to pay the two months salaries of all those authenticated and ensure a weekly payment of all eligible employees being captured and authenticated.

I want to sound a note of warning to all banks in Maiduguri, any banks that becomes an accessory after the perpetuation of these criminality will pay the price. We have been quite generous to the banks, no bank in Maiduguri which does not have a government patronage. There was a Bank in Maiduguri which within three to four days they opened 30 to 40 salary accounts. I have started retrieving the ATM cards of those accounts from those that have been sponsored to go and open the account.

Believe me, any banks that connived with any top government official in the civil service to perpetuate fraud, the full weight of the law will descend on that bank and not only that we are going delist that bank and blacklist that bank from government patronage.

Time are hard but the Borno people are known for resilience,  therefore the hard times will come to pass and Borno will once again emerge stronger and better for our people.

I wish to therefore appeal to our people to face our current challenges with courage and double our efforts to revamp our economy.

I wish to also appeal to civil servants to continue to be dedicated to service and ensure optimum delivery in the overall public interest.

Long live Borno State.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.” -Hon. Kashim Shettima, Borno state Governor.