Forgive Us Sir!


Your Excellency we beg you in the name of Allah and in the spirit of this Holy month of Ramadhan to forgive us for what we are about to reveal to you today. Our hearts are consumed by guilt for we have wronged you in so many ways.

On Monday, the 20th of January 2016, when you were in America with President Muhammadu Buhari the very day President Obama hosted Buhari, a stupendously rich and highly profiled politician from Borno State invited us for a meeting in his house in Abuja. We were individually contacted by one Abubakar through our inbox on Facebook and telephone.The politician assembled 30 unemployed graduates including the 11 of us that came together to write this letter of apology. One man from Lagos popularly known to us as Mr Taiwo, an Information Technology consultant is our coordinator in Abuja. In that meeting of 20th June we were given assignment to use all means possible to bring you down using the 9 platforms Mr Taiwo developed. The platform is code named Magic 9. Two online Newspapers created by Mr Taiwo were dedicated introduced to us. Actually, the online Newspapers and bulk SMS have been operating before the April 2015 elections. Mr Taiwo told us he created them. During the 20th June meeting, each of us was asked to open 5 twitter accounts in different names and each of us was told to open a minimum of ten Facebook accounts with different identity using multiple email addresses that Mr Taiwo created for everyone. Mr Taiwo opened 15 email addresses for everyone of us and all of us where given a Samsung Galaxy or BlackBerry and a tablet. Mr Taiwo was crediting our phones and tablets with Internet data by the end of the month and we were first given N250,000 each for our first month of June but by end of July we started getting N100,000 per month but each one person give Mr Taiwo N10,000 without the boss knowing. He call the N10,000 we give him Royalty . Those of us living in Abuja for the assignment where scattered to live in two houses owned by the politician. He bought us mattresses and small generators in the houses. We stayed four per room in Abuja. Mr Taiwo’s personal assistant he call Square use to bring us food for breakfast and dinner and we buy our lunch around Banex plaza. Our sponsor promised us that in 2019 his boys will takeover the Government House in Maiduguri from you. They will disgrace you out of office and deal it anybody that worked with you for one day. He said he will make sure you and Baba Kaka Garbai and Kaka Shehu, Ali Tablet, Kadiri, Bakura Shettima, Ali Ndume, Abu Kyari, your S.A Media (Isa Umar Gusau), Yunus Mairami, 21 other persons he wrote their names must be framed up and sent to jail latest one month when you leave office in 2019. Almost to be dealt with are all Commissioners who worked under you from 2011 to date except for 2 or 3, and some permanent. The boss said you and all your loyalists will be pushed out of APC by 2017 or 2018 and he will take charge of APC and put his boy as Governor. The game plan is to cause problems for you at the Villa and the boss said he knows what to do to be in control of the APC and he will start by make sure the APC executives is divided for him to take half and with that he will takeover. He promised that some of us will be Commissioners, Special Advisers and other political appointees and also all of us will be given contract of N100 million that is N3b contact for the 30 of us. We all pledge our loyalty to him. We joined three of his boys already working with him before we came. In the 2 houses we live, ICT operations rooms where opened on the upstairs. We hold meetings there with Mr Taiwo or any of our 3 seniors there and we do our work there.
From our group of 30 under Mr Taiwo assigned two people to be sourcing phone numbers of popular residents of Maiduguri, journalists and high placed people in Abuja. Their work is to be sending out Bulk SMS to circulate news stories about you whenever the two online Newspapers publish anything bad on you. A group of 10 youths led by me were given the assignment of coming up with daily issues that will tarnish your image. Our job is to think and come up with anything dirty. The person that initiate the most dirty issue that hit you well is getting a special gift of N25,000 from our big Boss but Mr Taiwo used to collect N7,000 from it. A group of 5 youths were sent back to Maiduguri. Out of these five youths, 2 where assigned to get any information or make up falsehoods on issues pertaining the use of public funds to accuse of you of stealing public funds. Their work is daily target. Two youths where assigned to come up with anything negative concerning IDP’S in Maiduguri and Bama. A former local government secretary who is one of our coordinators, supplies information on IDPS in Bama. He gets us pictures of people in hunger and deprivation and if he cannot get pictures we source for pictures of people in other African countries that show them in deadly situations. The aim is to always feed those responsible for the two online Newspapers and for the Facebook which is mandatory for all 30 of us to post negative information about you on daily basis.  The 5th person popular called as SCOOPER as he is nicknamed by Mr Taiwo is the one responsible for getting anything negative about the Borno State Government Emergency Management Agency (SEMA). Mr scooper work as a volunteer in SEMA. He is the one that stage-managed rebagging of NEMA rice and recorded it with pictures also to tarnish your image. Scooper recorded that rice magic when you traveled with the SEMA chairman and his boys to Dikwa. Mr Taiwo is the one that sent the video to Channels TV and all the 30 of us and Mr Taiwo shared the pictures on Twitter. We sent the pictures to Linda Ikejin but she didn’t use it.
Your Excellency if you can remember, when you are in America with President Muhammadu Buhari we brought out a harsh tag (#) calling for your arrest. We concocted a news story that we posted all over the world that the FBI has given intelligence to Buhari that you have one billion dollars in the USA. We also claimed that Buhari was angry with you. Our boss said we should do anything to make Buhari stop traveling with you. He said you travel to Germany and Niger with the President and if the President continue to travel with you it is not good for our project19.
On  21st of May, 2016 Mr Taiwo produced 2,500 posters with your pictures and Rochas. Initially Rochas Okorocha is to be used as the one aspiring for President in 2019 but during a meeting at Hilton Hotel, Abuja on 22th of May, our boss and sponsor insisted that your name and picture should be the one for President 2019 and Rochas Okorocha for Vice President. The boss said he believes Buhari will have nothing to do with one once the posters is put on many places in Kaduna and Abuja. He said if Buhari doesn’t talk openly he will hate you in his mind and Buhari’s closest political associates like El-Rufai will see the posters in Kaduna and inform Buhari.  Taiwo produced new posters of you as President and Rochas as Vice President. We decided to use Rochas to take advantage of your recent visit to Imo State that time you and Rochas went to one State in Ibo land.  On 27th of May,2016, 57 youths were brought to Abuja. 30 of them came from Suleja, 10 from Zuba and 17 from Marraraba. They were paid N20,000 each to put your posters in Abuja. We don’t know the people that did the same work of putting your posters for 2019 President in Kaduna. One Alhaji Sani handled the one in Kaduna. 
From the many things we did to you the rice diversion issue is what has been the best and most successful. Scooper has been given a car (UK) for his success in doing that. Scooper is the one that concocted news story saying the Deputy Governor Durkwa said you asked him to sell rice. Scooper also organized 10 boys in Maiduguri to be shouting Barawon shinkafa whenever they see you. The boys also go to majalisa where people sit down to castigate you and say you stole rice. Barawon shinkafa slogan is what has been agreed to be used against you up to the 2019 election.
Sir we became disturbed last week in Bama. Out of 11 of us that decided to repent 7 are from Bama emirate. Five of us went to Bama the last time you went. We were there to concoct something against you using the IDPS. We became touched when we saw you walking under the rain going from one tent to another carrying holding our relations and moving hungry and sick people to buses that you brought and took them to Maiduguri. We saw you supervising distribution of food with sincerity in your eyes. You lived in Bama till night and it was raining and you were fasting. That day after you left we followed you from behind and as we approached Maiduguri where moving in high speed and our tyre burst and scooper’s car diverted into a forest with a fearful noise, the car almost tumbled. Some soldiers rushed to the place they almost opened fire to kill all of us thinking we where suicide bombers of Boko Haram. The soldiers kept shouting on, we were much afraid so much that one of us starting to shit right there inside his trousers. All of us had running stomach due to fear we have never witnessed in our lives. The soldiers allowed us to leave when they searched us thoroughly and see us with nothing. We asked ourselves what will become of us if we died that day. One of us asked us whether what we are doing to you is fair. Another one asked whether the person sponsoring us has ever gone to Bama to see the situation there and offers help like you are doing. When we arrive Maiduguri we met our friend Goni Bukar and told him what we happened to us and what we have been doing against you. Goni begin to cry. He said what we have been doing is Kazaf and apart from that we gave up our hereafter to get material world for our Boss. Goni said it is shirk and we are worshipping our boss instead of Allah and if we had died that day we would died as Mushriks. He said we will go to hell fire unless we seek your forgiveness.
But Your Excellency we cannot come to you since you already asked police and SSS to investigate the rice issue and also you wrote to the Inspector general of police and directed him to investigate the 2019 posters in Abuja. We are afraid to reveal ourselves in other for us not to be arrested. We came to the conclusion that from the N200,000 given to everyone of us for Ramadan on Monday we should contribute huge sum of money to place one page advert in the Newspaper that the people of Borno read most which is the daily trust to apologize to you and to also let the world know about what is happening to an innocent man. We will also use the social media to share our apology.
We are out of this project but we know that others have tied their future and destiny to it. They will come up with negative things worse than before to tarnish Your Excellency’s image. They will not stop. There is one Newspaper owned by somebody that is your enemy and recently money was provided to the person to capitalize the Newspapers and go after you every day. You know the Newspaper and all the people of Borno know it. That Newspaper has been against you. The owner hates you with passion we don’t know why whether it is religion or tribe. In short he is one of the reasons we start to think why should we allow somebody like that to be working with us to destroy a Kanuri man like us? But God will vindicate you and we will do whatever it is within our powers to defend you.
We beg your Excellency to forgive us and we will send you a message to your inbox on Facebook. We know you will wonder which of your Facebook accounts we will use. We are the ones that created many Facebook accounts in your name to cause problems for you we know the original Facebook account you opened in 2011. We will send you a private message using projectborno2019@yahoo.com.com to your mail and inbox you from one Facebook account you will know when you see the message. When we are sure of our safety we will reveal our names or meet you but not in Maiduguri.
We will send you names of some people in your government working with our boss. They are five people that give us information. One is in the Government House.
We want your forgiveness for our souls to be in rest. Please and please forgive us.
Inna laha maa’as saabirin.

Group of 11 (Project-Borno2019)