Nigerian Troops

The Commander of U.S. Army Africa Command (AFRICOM), Maj. Gen. Darryl Williams, has said that Nigeria Army remains a very critical partner to the command’s grand strategy.

Williams, who stated this in a telephonic news conference in Abuja, said that the U.S was working closely with the Nigerian Army and was impressed with the relationship.

AFRICOM is the U.S combatant command which has relations with the military in many African countries.

“I have been asked by my boss to develop and work with the Nigerians to look out, not just today’s fight or tomorrow’s fight, but look 20 years out in the future and shape, and define, and develop, and work with the Nigerian Army.

“And that’s what we are doing right now. I have Army soldiers on the ground today working with the Nigerian Army. And it is not just a one-way street.

“We are learning as much from the Nigerian Army as they are learning from us. So we are very excited about this opportunity to partner with the Nigerian Army,” he said.

He said that U.S. Army has been exchanging tactics, techniques, and procedures, and sharing best practices with the Nigerians.

According to him the U.S. is helping in building capacity in Nigeria.

“So our relationship, our cooperation, enable and builds the capacity of the Nigerian Army, as well as ours.‘’

He said the cooperation brought about a better enabled army that was more competent and more capable adding that competency and capability are achieved through mutual training

He said that a mutual training was going on in Nigeria to deal with any insurgence threats.

“We are helping in train the trainers.

“We have the total armies involved with this; the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army has been very gracious and given me active duty soldiers.

“Guard soldiers and Reserve soldiers and that combination is for me to combine and work with the Nigerian Army over time,” he said.