File photo - petrol pump

As more reactions continue to trail the removal of fuel subsidy and increase of pump price on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) from N86.50K to N145.00 per litre by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Rescue Nigeria Anti-corruption Network (ReNAN), has rejected the increment and calls for reversal.

This was stated by National Coordinator, ReNAN, Hon. Engema Jumbo, while expressing his view about the reasons behind the removal of fuel subsidy and hike of petrol pump price, where he said there was no transparency by the Buhari-led government in this regard.

Jumbo said the move was wrongly timed and insensitive to the current hardship of Nigerians, therefore the reversal of the price should be done now.

He said: “It was a rude shock and surprise to all Nigerians that Wednesday the Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, announced the removal of fuel subsidy and unacceptable price increase of petrol from N86.50K to N145.00, and expressed insensitivity about the harrowing pains Nigerians are currently passing through.

“We in Rescue Nigeria Anti-corruption Network (ReNAN), vehemently reject removal of fuel subsidy and the increase of petrol pump price, and our stand and demand is reversal to N86.50k without further delay and for the interest of the nation.

“We see it as gross violation of the social contract this administration has with the Nigerian people by not consulting them widely to come up with this insensitive policy.

“Nigerians are already in deep pain and frustration as they cannot afford foodstuff and pay their transport fare to their offices and business places. Many states presently cannot pay their workers for over six months, while local government councils have not paid their staff for over 12 months.”

The ReNAN boss also asserted that the 2016 budget was just signed by the President and the Minister of National Planning and Budget gave a breakdown of the budget on Thursday, which the government will implement, then why the rush to increase petrol pump price, which all socio-economic activities hangs on?

“We express serious disappointment over Mr. President’s haste to increase the pump price of petrol in this critical time in the life of the nation. Meanwhile, the budget was just signed by him (Buhari) after four months of executive-legislative bickering over projects and monies allocated to them, which took the economic life of Nigerians hostage.

“They still came up with this arbitral increase of fuel to benefit their cronies at the expense of the masses who voted for them. What is the rationale this government claims to have without considering the suffering of Nigerians and the deep poverty they have already plunged them into created for no reason?”

According to him the move will cause more social upheavals the country has been suffering, and should avoid another round of bloody agitation that will result from this increment of fuel pump price.

He called on civil society organisations and the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) join hands and speak with one voice for the government to reconsider and rescind its decision.

He also cautioned the government and mentioned the Boko Haram insurgency, the agitation of the Independent Peoples Organisation of Biafra (IPOB) Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MOSOP) the herdsmen attacks and the recent uprising of Niger Delta Avengers for it to be careful in handling the issue causing hue and cry.