Nigerian Police

over one million Nigerians show interest so far

The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, has expressed surprise over the unprecedented number of Nigerians who showed interest in the ongoing recruitment process of the Nigerian Police Force.

The IGP said he had no idea that police job was this popular among Nigerians as the figures have shown.

Arase, who is retiring later in the year, stated this while granting interview with the Vanguard Newspaper at the sideline of his first anniversary in office, said the amount that has expressed intention so far in police job is an indication that police isn’t bad after all among the Nigerian populace.
The IGP also harped on the process of recruitment of the 10, 000 people that will be recruited into the force, saying all processes are already put in place to ensure that unqualified people do not make it into the force.

The criteria for choosing them are already known, they were spelt out in their forms; age, qualifications, height and then we have to be very sure of where you come from; your local government chairman, your district head, they should be able to guaranty you by saying this man is from this place and they know his family and they are respectable people and are not stealing people’s goats in the village or robbers or cultist.

The police commissioners are there, the Federal Character Commission members are there, the Ministry of Interior is there, the police segment is there, the Secretary to the Federal Government is there; so there are representatives of everybody but we must spread it.

Most of those that are uploading their details are about 30, 34 years old. All those ones are too old, we won’t select them; so all those 700, 000 or 800, 000 you are seeing, a lot of them will be knocked out when the system meets them because when you don’t meet that age criteria, you are sorted out; when your academic qualification doesn’t meet up, you are sorted out.

There will be exam; but it will hold in various states and, once we know the numbers we point them state by state and all the government people will do their own; the state will do their own so it will come from the bottom to the top. In any case, I never knew Nigerians liked the police this much that such gargantuan number (close to 1million) wants to join the force.

Is it for the love of the job or because there is no job in the country?