El Zakzaky

Malam Sani Yakubu, the elder brother of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Shiite movement, has called for thorough probe of activities of the sect.

“The Shiites have spent about 30 years conducting their activities. They are the first religious group that introduced the ideology of Boko Haram in Nigeria. In the 1980s, under the leadership of Ibrahim (Zakzaky), they made many students drop out of school.

“Many graduates were made to destroy their certificates and many workers were made to leave service all in the pretence that Western education and working in the civil service are same as worshipping another God than Allah. It was later in their development that they realised their mistake and began to enrol in schools, civil service and even military, police and other professions that are related to government.”

On his relationship with Zakzaky, Malam Yakubu said it used to be cordial until “we realised that he was deep into the creed of Shiite.

“I particularly ceased to relate with him. I took that stand after all efforts to make him realise the danger of what he was doing failed. I and our elder brother did our best, but he ignored us.

“When Ibrahim graduated from School of Arabic and Islamic Studies (SAS) Kano, he started writing letters to different countries especially China and Iran. He developed interest in relating with China largely because China had revolutionalised her economy through agriculture and moved her people out of hunger.

Daily Trust