Engr Ibrahim Ali and Umar Sanda

I was at the Maiduguri farm centre to visit a man whom I later referred to as Genius in the field of Agriculture. This is not an exaggeration on the personality of a versatile and focused states man of Borno . The name Engr. Ibrahim M. Ali doesn’t need any introduction as far as Borno politic, except for the purpose of formalities and of course for the younger generation who have probably had not gotten the opportunity to know him better when he was in active politics. An Honorary special Adviser on Agriculture to His Excellency Governor Kashim Shettima. He is the current chairman of Borno state agricultural transformation team (BSTATT). former Managing Director/CEO Federal Housing Authority (FHA) during the reign of late General Sani Abatcha’ s of the blessed memory.

By my modest assessment, Engr. Ibrahim M. Ali is an exceptionally gifted as well as characteristically prolific discussant and intelligent human being I have ever come across, since I started my activism within the prism of Social Media Frontiers. I had a robust discussion with him during my visit to the centre. He was calmed, but out spoken, psychologically alert, i simply described him as a paragon of intellectualism.

It was indeed a very fruitful discussion I had with him. My horizon and conception about development and underdevelopment were deeply broaden beyond the Frontiers of my school days understanding of the two concepts. His well articulated analysis of how the problem of unemployment in Borno could be solved through the use of agricultural transformation as a barometer has further restored my hopes and aspirations of rebuilding Borno by Kashim Shettima administration.

He had further open up his bounties of knowledge of inter -disciplinary persuasions for me to tap from, I really appreciated and benefited a lot from him. Here is a man whom I met in a typical farm setting at the centre. His office was set up under a tree, with a chair for him and three plastic chairs for visitors. Honestly his life style as a farmer reminds me of anthropology of rural life and what was considered as “organic soliderity” by Emile Durkham.

Engr Ibrahim Ali

The possibility of rebuilding the state with Engr. Ibrahim M. Ali, at the hemp of affairs of the agricultural transformation is very much and glaringly possible. The idea of rebuilding Borno state from its abstract conception, which led to the establishment of the Ministry of 3Rs by the Borno state government was indeed a well come development. The evolution of the tripodal ministry which I hitherto believed to be an independent phenomenon was in erred. As he has avail me the opportunity to hear from him with an elaborate explanations and succinct analysis of a nexus that will be established between the tripodal activities and agricultural transformation packages aimed at permanent resettlement of the IDPS back to their original domiciles was analytically prepared to take up after the resettlement of the IDPS in their respective homes, local governments and villages.

In the final analysis, what I practically saw on ground in terms of farm implements, equipments and other facilities couple with scientific and technical know how put in place, I was but remain optimistic, and beyond the iota of any illusion or doubt that Borno shall surely rise again, Insha Allah.

More report will be posted soon!

By Umar Sanda