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Sunday being the third day of January, 2016 is going to be a day when all BSF family members are expected to come out and cast their votes for a candidate of their choose. The Sunday election is very important for many reasons;

1. For the very first time that, a new set of leaders will be emerging through the power of the ballots box.

2, In fact for the first time even the interim exco emerged through election as against the doctrine of nominations as obtained in most cases.

3, its significant, because for the first time, an Electoral Panel was nominated by the congress after the dissolution of the previous Executives to conduct election. The panel is chair by elder Musa Ali.

4, This election is important for all of us, because for the first time, an independent electoral body under the platform of an association such as the BSF, is adopting what i may called a reflections of an ideal democracy and democratization process, what is basically even lacking in most third world democracies; some important ethos democracy such as expressions of interest and nomination forms, screening of candidates who are vying for various positions, displays of lists of electorates, including shifting of election day, as in the nation polity we even witnessing the emergence of BOLA TINIBU AND ARMECHI within the circumference of BSF etc, which were all important elements in the democratization process.

5, its important and symbolic because, the BSF will mark it 3rd anniversary. This is a thing of joy which worth celebration.

6, its yet important because of the quality of the intending aspirants, beautiful maniestoes and even the quality of campaigns were highly interesting, as all manners of strategies were used by the aspirants in their campaigns process, ‘except violence’ which was discouraged even by the larger democracies.

Finally, as we are marching towards democracy and democratization of BSF, I wish to well come all of us and in the same vein wish to solicite for your understanding and cooperation during and after the election. So that we shall have a peaceful and harmonious transition.

From the Desk of the Secretary Borno Social Media Frontiers

Umar Sanda (Bsc, Political Science)