Stay alert


It’s really pathetic and alarming why can’t we grow?  At least by now we should have learnt our lessons, particularly in Borno.

Upon all the happenings and suffering we faced through the tactical attack by Boko Haram terrorists since the beginning of this menacing insurgency to date. Our youth cannot follow simple instructions?  It’s high time we help the authorities in the fight against terrorism in any possible way, including understanding and cooperation. When one goes to a gathering and meets a barrier, he/she should simply follow the rules and abide by it no matter how intimate or known you are to those in the post.

I was at a Jumma’at prayers, and one of the rules in the mosque is, ‘once the hudba prayers is concluded and prayer starts, no one is allowed to go into the barrier, no matter what ‘ but to every ones surprise a young man just came in the middle of prayers and raised the barriers and forged in. And the disgusting fact is he’s already conversant with the rules, because he’s around all this while.

What surprised me most was when he was apprehended to be questioned, a mob of people started circling and struggling either to see who’s caught or how he’s being questioned.

The questions here is,  how could the authorities handle the situation well ,with the  constant distractions from the people even if he were to be a real criminal? Moreover, if he were to be concealing an explosives (God Forbid) wouldn’t the destruction have been enormous?

The bottom line is ; people should learn to keep their distance in any such situation, at least to give the authorities conducive atmosphere and minimise further calamities.